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It's time to sell. Perhaps you've outgrown your current home or maybe your first investment has done so well that you're looking for another. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you though the entire process. We understand that signing a listing contract is a big commitment for all parties involved. We develop individual marketing plans for each of our sellers and excel at thinking creatively and innovatively in order to get the job done. No two properties are alike; neither are our plans to sell them.

To list your property with us means so much more than just a sign in the yard. We are aggressively marketing your home through all possible avenues - Internet, local newspapers, direct mail and open houses. Our secret weapon? Our contacts. We're not new around here - we know almost everyone in town and use that to our advantage. We disseminate succinct, correct information and represent the truth about your property. We know your property through and through. When we list your property, we work with other brokers instead of competing against them, and we get results. We work seven days a week, ready to put your property on our "SOLD" list.


The Contract. A listing contract must be signed by you, the owner of the property and us, the Listing Broker. We generally use the Exclusive Right of Sale listing contract to allow us to supply information about the listing, create marketing, facilitate showings, present contracts, negotiate the deal, consult during the process and ultimately coordinate the closing. Don’t misunderstand, however; it is our goal to cooperate fully with other area agents and Brokers so that you get as much exposure as possible to help sell your property. Your listing won’t sit in our back pocket with the hope that someone may walk through the door one day (unless that’s what you request). 


We understand pride of home ownership and that you want to get you the highest price possible in a sale. When we establish the list price, we will take a look at the neighborhood to see what is currently on the market and what's sold. We will assess the overall real estate market in the area and come up with a preliminary price range. Don’t forget, a buyer will be doing the same research prior to making an offer - Our price analysis is very important. Your motivation also plays an important role in establishing a list price. We’ve worked with hundreds of sellers and have a solid understanding of how to competitively price a property to minimize time on the market while paying close attention to your bottom line.


Times have changed since the days of sticking a “For Sale” sign in the ground and fielding calls from possible buyers. The internet is a terrific asset for home buyers. In fact, research shows that 95% of buyers search the internet FIRST. The majority of our resources are used to insure that your property will be found on the web by potential buyers. That said, we also believe that local ads, open houses and direct mail play an important role in advertising and marketing a property for sale. Each property is different. We customize each marketing plan to each property to maximize exposure in the shortest amount of time. With our extensive databases accrued over decades of real estate experience, we also have thousands of interested buyers just waiting to hear on our next listing. 


In this age of information at everyone’s fingertips, it’s important that we are knowledgeable in your home’s features, repairs, remodels and legal issues. The more information we have, the better we are able to communicate open and honestly with buyers and other Brokers. Trust is everything. 


Each offer is different. We will analyze the merits of the offer, contingencies and the bottom line. If the offer is not acceptable, we continue to negotiate.


Awesome. Time to start thinking about the next step, where to move, when to pack, etc. but first we have a process to go through; meeting contingency dates and hiring a title company. We coordinate and consult with you along the way to make this part of the contract process a smooth one. All communication is freely shared amongst us so that we are all on the same page at all times.


You made it, congratulations! Selling a home can be a challenging experience but you’ve persevered and are now on to your next move. It’s always a pleasure to have a satisfied customer and after it’s all said and done; your satisfaction is our top priority.


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